[Snack Attack - Korea] Cham Ssal Seol Byeong - Sweet Rice Crackers

Korean snacks are my weakness. One of my favorite purse snacks is the Cham Ssal Seol Byeong - sweet sticky rice crackers
The one I like is the red bag, it's sweet, but kind of salty. These crackers from Jayone are a pretty good dupe.

You can buy them in packs in which the crackers aren't individually wrapped. Like these: Taiwanese rice crackers - a childhood favorite of my coworker.

Anyway, the ones I bought are Crown brand. I bought them at Lotte Mart during my trip, but you can also find them at HMart in the states.

Crown is one of my favorite snack brands in Korea for office/purse snacks. You can see some of the Crown snacks at Amazon. Honestly, the Crown Cham crackers have a special place in my heart because it used to be the only saltine-esque cracker in Korea that didn't have sugar on it (I always got tricked, thinking I was buying salty crackers and ended up getting sugary crackers instead).

So these are the individual packets. They're quite portable, so I usually have one in my purse just in case. The crackers are a bit smaller than the palm of my hand, for size reference.

In each of the individual packets, you get two crackers. They're kind of delicious. It's kind of like a puffed rice cracker made with cooked rice that got crispy on the side of the rice cooker with some salt added. Then, they top it with some sugar glaze. It's not quite as sweet as a doughnut glaze, but it's definitely sweet. I don't know, I really like the combination of the two flavors together.

Since I ate the final packet of my sweet rice crackers, I guess I'll now buy these Jayone ones from Amazon because they're actually kind of cheap.

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