[Seoul] Seoul Children's Grand Park - Great family day out and date spot in Seoul! Plenty of activities for kids and kids at heart.

Traveling to Seoul with kids? Add Seoul Children's Grand Park to your itinerary. Korean: 서울 어린이대공원 (<-- get a discount combo admissions ticket for the zoo, Seoul Land amusement park, and the Sky Lift)

If you don't have kids, but want a nice relaxing place to spend the day, also check it out!

There's a zoo (it's kind of depressing, so I would recommend skipping it), greenhouses, butterfly gardens, a lake, amusement park, playgrounds, bike rentals, and other attractions.

So since I am not a huge fan of zoos, especially Asian zoos, I didn't really spend much time there, so no pictures. Sorry, but not really sorry.

These are from the butterfly garden area. I'm actually a little creeped out by butterflies, but I decided to deal with my fears and go in. It was worth it, actually. The garden areas are really well done, so I'd definitely recommend it! It's also pretty educational if you can read Korean.

This is from the nature zone area, too. There's a cactus and succulent garden, too. It's quite cute and it's something you can't really see often in Korea.

Not pictured because I accidentally deleted the pictures from my phone - foliage zone, wildflower zone, and bonsai zone.

There's also a small amusement park. There are fees to ride, but it's a pretty cute amusement park, definitely Instaworthy because some parts are more old-style and vintage looking.

For families with little, little kids, there are some special play zones for kids like the kids auto park. 

You can get discount tickets here for all of the attractions! You can get a combination ticket or else just buy a ticket to Seoul Land or Seoul Zoo, too.

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