[NYC] Mike & Dave's Yogurt Shop - Fruit soft serve, no dairy (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Mike & Dave's Yogurt Shop serves dairy-free fruit-based soft serve.

EDIT: Permanently closed

The concept is great and relatively unique, so I wanted to check it out because I'm lactose-sensitive, but still love soft serve.

That being said, I'm not sure that it was really a hit. I got the Carrot Cake flavor, which was the special flavor for that month/week.

Obviously, this is not an attractive dessert. Like there is no real way to make it look pretty. It kind of just looks like diarrhea in a cup.

But, I thought maybe the taste would redeem it because I LOVE carrot cake.

The answer was, if you eat this right away in the shop, it's kind of not great. It's not cold throughout...and it kind of had a texture of just over-chewed carrots - so it was kind of wet and warm at the same time, which really is not great. So, that being said, I could only eat like 1/3 of the serving in the store.

I didn't want to throw it away because it was expensive, so I brought it home with me. I put in in the freezer and had it a few hours later. At that point, it was frozen and cold throughout. I can tell you that it made all the difference to have it actually frozen.

The consistency changed and it was no longer gross and like macerated carrots. The flavor was better and much fuller.

Verdict: I am happy I kept it to try at home, but this is not a place I would want to go again. If I am buying soft serve, I want to eat it at the point of purchase.

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