[NYC - West Village] Mamoun's Falafel - Best Cheap Eats!

Mamoun's Falafel may not be the most photogenic of foods in the world, but it's definitely delicious and definitely within the strictest of budgets.

I always remember Mamoun's when I'm not in the neighborhood, but luckily I remembered this time when I was only a block or so away!

Mamoun's is actually in the 1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die, so you can quickly and cheaply cross off Mamoun's from your bucket list for less than $5!

We just went with falafel pita (not the platter because we had other things to eat before arriving at Mamoun's).

I promise that it really is delicious! It just doesn't photograph well and I am not one to rearrange things to make it look pretty because I want you to know what you'll actually be getting.

The falafel is fried to order, so it was piping hot!

There's no space to sit in Mamoun's, but there's a little bar-type area on the side where maybe about 5 people can squeeze together, standing to eat their Mamoun's. There's also some standing area outside the shop, too.

If you've been here before, what do you recommend? I also really like the tabbouleh :)

Oh, I believe it's CASH ONLY still (I paid with cash because it was previously cash only, so I didn't really check if they accepted credit card).

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