[NYC - East Village] Baohaus - Eddie Huang

Since Fresh off the Boat is having its season premiere today at 8PM on ABC, it's only fitting that today's post is about Eddie Huang's Baohaus in East Village.
It has been a few years since I was last at Baohaus. So, decided a visit was in order to see if anything had changed now that Eddie is mainly in LA.

The vibe is the same. I'm probably not cool enough to be seen there, but I went anyway.

We ended up going for the Spiceland Bao and the Chairman Bao. (I got the Spiceland because sometimes pork and I are not friends and we had a lot of other things to do that day.)

I did enjoy the Spiceland Bao. The flavor was great and it was really crunchy. It was greasy, but didn't feel like I was drinking the deep fryer. My only gripe is that it's $5.50 for one sandwich. I was definitely not full and even if I ate two sandwiches for $11, I don't think I'd be full. So, for a counter service place, it's a bit pricey, especially given the area.

I did have a bite of the Chairman Bao. I can just say that I would not have fared well had I decided to go for that one. It was a lot of fat, just so you're aware. I'm sure you can kind of see that in the picture. The flavor was nice though.

I do acknowledge that you're paying for the "all natural" meat, the name, and the ambience.

I would say, that I, since I'm now living in New York City, would probably not go back for a long while, but it is probably a nice stop for anyone who is an Eddie Huang fan or wants to check out what the hype is about.

I understand the hype of Baohaus because the only disappointment I had was about the price, not about the flavor or the food I ate (not true about some of the other hyped places in NYC).

Marissa's opinion: This was my first time eating steamed buns. I highly recommend them. I had the basic, original bun with pork belly. The pork was very tender and tasted amazing. I greatly enjoyed the experience and would definitely go back next time I'm in NYC.

I am somewhat interested in trying to rice bowls, so if you've ever tried one, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email about whether or not you think it was worth it!

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