[DC - Georgetown Waterfront] Tony & Joe's Seafood Place

For a special dinner in Washington, DC, you may be told to add Tony and Joe's Seafood Place to your short list. I would say...definitely think about if you want good food or good views and then choose accordingly.

It's located right on the Georgetown Waterfront, so it's a scenic location and you can look out at the "fancy boat people." Unfortunately, for us, the "fancy boat people" during our dinner ended up being a bunch of bros probably from Georgetown, but it was still a nice scene to look out on.
The pre-dinner bread basket was pretty good, there were a variety of bread options - some dinner rolls, some cornbread, and I believe some herb bread (don't quote me on that - I didn't try all the breads, just the cornbread).
This is the Elderflower Cosmopolitan. This was such a good cocktail! It's a combination of two of my cocktail flavor obsessions. 
If you're obsessed with grapefruit, like I am, make sure you get the Grapefruit Crush! It's quite fresh and refreshing at the same time. The grapefruit is nice and tart and the Sprite is sweet and crisp.

This is the Broiled Cod. It was so tender and flavorful. The potatoes were cooked, but were still fresh and quite firm still.
The Broiled Atlantic Salmon is finished with a nice honey glaze. The polenta was kind of, sort of surprisingly delicious. The vegetables were quite fresh, too
This is the Blackened Redfish, which sits on a bed of jasmine rice. I tried some of each dish and this was probably my least favorite starch. This fish was flavorful, but not my favorite.
This is the Grilled Swordfish. This was my order. Honestly, it was just okay. I did like the onion rings. The couscous would have been really nice, but it was a little water. The vegetables were nice and fresh again.

Since it was a special occasion, we treated ourselves to some desserts.

This is the Brownie A La Mode. It was just so-so. Also, the plating left a lot to be desired. It was a dense brownie and basically tasted like I could probably make it myself.

This is the Key Lime Pie. Again, it was average. It kind of was unremarkable. I'd probably skip it.
The food is quite average, at best. It's expensive and, for that price point, I would hope that the service, plating, and food flavor/quality would match. But, sadly, it was just kind of average. I'd say you could probably find some other places that have much better food at the same price point.

The cocktails were good, but they didn't really redeem the food. I read they have happy hour, so I think you could check that out and sit at the bar to try the cocktails.

The views are nice (there's also an outdoor patio if you prefer). So, if you want a nice romantic view, then this may be a spot for you.

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