[Minnesota - Two Harbors] Gooseberry Falls - Definitely worth the visit for beautiful fall colors

I vaguely recall going to Gooseberry Falls as a young child, but now as an adult, I wanted to visit again.
It's become quite developed in the past 2+ decades. There's real paths, paved parking lots, etc. My parents were amazed because they talked about just jumping out and parking on the side of the highway when we visited before.

I forgot my camera, so all we have are iPhone pictures, but even still it's so beautiful.

It's about a 45-minute drive from Duluth via MN 61. It's actually a pretty scenic drive with a great view of Lake Superior and the harbor, etc. There are plenty of cute little lake cabins and resorts, too. So, if you wanted a true "north woods" experience, definitely check those out.

If, on your way, you wanted to stop at another brewery (in case you didn't get enough from Canal Park, Bent Paddle, and Fitger's), you can also stop at a household favorite - Castle Danger.

Also, on the way, is the Minnesota institution - Betty's Pies, where you can stop for a slice of your favorite pie and a coffee.

Gooseberry Falls State Park Official Site
If you're not an avid hiker or if you have small children, this is probably a good place to go. It's quite accessible to see the top falls, even with a stroller. It's paved the whole way.

There's the top falls and the lower falls. Each has its own charm.

I would recommend going early to avoid the crowd. I think we left western Duluth around 1:30, so we got there around 2. There was a crowd, but as we were there doing a little exploring, there were more and more people and more and more families with small children.

If you are into doing more walking than the average bear, there's also an access point for the Gitchi-Gami trail, which you can follow all the way up to Grand Marais (also a great place to visit for a scenic view). The trail is 86-miles long and, in the winter, you can also apply for a cross-country skiing pass.

Gooseberry Falls is FREE admission and we didn't have to pay for parking (not sure if you would have to pay in peak season).

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