[Snack Attack - Korea] GS25 Minions Milk - Strawberry Milk

Hello Buddyyyyyy~! GS25 STILL had the Minions Milk when I visited.
I prefer the banana flavor because 1) Korean banana milk is ultra famous, but also because 2) BANANA (if you're also a Minions fan, you know).

Maybe they are going to be discontinuing this milk soon (or maybe they HAVE discontinued it already). I was only able to spot this Strawberry guy (I think he's in the wrong spot, tbh).

Also in the picture are Doraemon Chocolate Milk and a HUGE GINORMOUS Yogurt-flavored milk.

Have you tried that yogurt flavored milk? I never tried it because I was never a HUGE fan of Yakult, so it wasn't really worth the risk of an upset tummy to try the comically large version of it.

So, fun thing about the Minions milk is that the bottles change depending on the season. I have pictures on my phone (I'll post them here if I find them again) of the winter version. It was so cute! The minion characters had winter sweaters on 😍😍

Who's your favorite Minion? I really like Kevin (the Kevin from the first movie, not the all-famous Kevin from Despicable Me 2 and Minions). I am probably the only person, of course, who really liked the first Kevin, so, of course, they cancelled him 😕😔

In case you're curious, check them out on the fan Wikis:
Kevin (Despicable Me 1): http://despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Kevin_(Despicable_Me)
The other Kevin: http://despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Kevin

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