[Seoul - Noksapyeong] Southside Parlor - Cocktail Bar

I've heard (by that I mean, I saw it in my friend's book), that Southside Parlor in Noksapeyong is featured in the Lonely Planet Guidebook

Southside Parlor is a great place to grab some well-crafted cocktails with friends. During the summer, you can drink on their rooftop, which has a really nice view.

It's also a favorite place for large group parties. You can actually rent space on the roof (or inside) for a large group. If you are not a part of the party, however, it can get quite crowded and loud, so you may want to have a second option scoped out for the night, especially on weekends.

I've gone a handful of times on weekday nights and it's moderately busy, but I didn't have any issue flagging down waitstaff to take my order or having to migrate multiple times because a big group had reserved a table, etc.

These are some of the cocktails. I'm trying to remember what we got...it's been a while. All I know is that every time I have ordered cocktails at Southside Parlor, I haven't been disappointed. If you've spent a while in Seoul, you know what I mean...the cocktail scene is getting better and better, but back in 2010 or 2012 even, it was very difficult to get a nice, balanced cocktail. 

So, now, in 2018, there are a lot of "cocktail bars," but many haven't quite got it down to a science yet. Often, you get something that's looks kind of like it should look, maybe it's served in the proper glassware, etc., but when you drink it, it tastes like either pure sugar or else pure alcohol.

The first time I visited Southside Parlor, I was a bit hesitant since the cocktails are on the pricier side and I was fearing the worst (like I was actually considering just ordering a bottle of beer), but I trusted my friend and got a cocktail and I was not disappointed. I believe the owner is Korean American from somewhere in the South, I believe Texas, so that may explain why it has a somewhat more classic American cocktail style. He's quite nice, so if you see him, definitely say "hi."

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