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[Seoul - Noksapyeong] C.Through - Viral Famous Cream Art Latte

C.Through is the viral video cafe - you know the one in which the barista draws Van Gogh latte cream art!
Since the cream art went mega viral, they now take reservations for it and limit the number of orders to 20 per day (it may have changed since I was there).

I was not one of the lucky 20 that day, but I was still able to get some yummy coffee with creative, visually appealing toppings.
I was expecting the coffee to not be good quality and for it to taste like...dirty water. But, to my surprise, C.Through was NOT one of those gimmicky cafes that got famous for something that looks cool on your Instagram feed, but is actually quite yucky. The coffee was actually GOOD! It was nice and strong espresso. The topping I got (the dried strawberry) didn't taste artificial or overly sweet.

That being said, the specialty espresso drinks ARE EXPENSIVE!

My strawberry cotton (ddalsom latte) was 5900 KRW and my friend's seukaccino was 6000 KRW.

The interior design of the cafe is quite nice, simple and modern, stylish, clean lines, etc. It really is a millennial cafe.

Menu: I don't think there's an English menu

Dutch Coffee 6.0
Cream Art 7.5/10
Cafe latte 6.0
Flat White 6.0
Non saljjyeodo yeppo (even if you get fat, you're pretty) - Non Coffee (see below) 7.0
Seukaccino 6.0 (my friend's drink)
Amugeona (Barista's choice) 7.5
Hangyeoul bam-e Kiss (Midwinter's night's kiss) (non-coffee - see below) 7.5
Espresso 5.0
Vanilla Latte 7.0
Americano 5.0
Dutch latte 6.5
Smoothie (Makeolli, Yogurt, Nokcha) 7.0
Cafe Mocha 7.0
Ddalsom Latte (what I got) 5.9

In addition to the regular cafe items like Americanos, cafe lattes, etc. you can order these specialties. They have pictures so you can see what you may get :)

Closest subway station: Noksapyeong

It was oddly not busy when we visited! It was quite chill and quiet.

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