[NYC - Nolita] Uncle Boons Sister - Great Thai Food

It is so difficult to get a table at Uncle Boons, but luckily you can visit Uncle Boons Sister for some ridiculously delicious Thai food.

Uncle Boons Sister is CREDIT OR DEBIT ONLY! Cash is not accepted.

Uncle Boons Sister is probably the best Thai food I've ever had...period. It's definitely the best Thai food I've had in New York City.

The interior is quite casual. It's kind of a cheesy decor selection, trying appear so exotic, or whatnot, but don't let that turn you off.

There are an abundance of Asian snacks and  beverages. Definitely check some of them out if you've never tried things like shrimp chips or Milo.

In a hurry? There are a ton of salads for you to pick up on the run.
We ordered a bunch of stuff, so we some time to wait. Although you order at the counter, they will bring your food to your table as its available.

I told you we ordered a lot! It was jut two of us btw. We were stuffed, but definitely wished we ordered more to really try out the WHOLE menu.

Most of this food was spicy. I can usually handle spice pretty well, usually I am fine and just have some nose sweat after a while, but most of this food was spicy from the get go.

I'll make a special note here to say the Khao Kaa Pet (Duck) and the Sai Oua (Thai sausage) were NOT spicy. The mataba was also very mild.

Check out this tom yum soup. You can see the ingredients and you can tell they were all fresh!! There are chunks of fish fillets and also mushrooms. Let me just say, though, this soup is SPICY. The flavor was excellent though. I don't know how they do it! I really want to try making tom yum at home, but I know I won't succeed :(

This is the mataba, which is a pastry stuffed with curried lamb. I tried it both plain (without any sauce), with each sauce alone, and then with both sauces. With no sauces at all, this was a pretty solid dish. The lamb didn't taste gamy at all. Each bite I had was so tender and flavorful throughout. This is NOT spicy!
Out of the sauces, I would definitely recommend testing out the onion one! That was my absolute favorite sauce.
This is the Kao Kaa Pet, which is a braised duck leg with mustard greens, egg, and some fragrant rice. Oh man, I would totally recommend this item. Even though I'm a little so-so about duck, I quite enjoyed it. The flavor was great and the duck wasn't too oily (that's usually why I don't like duck). I was especially a fan of the mustard greens! This was NOT spicy!

This was a pretty bulky dish, but we still gobbled it all up!

Since, I always order a papaya salad at a Thai restaurant, I decided to go with the platter option for the Thai herbal sausage. I'm actually not entirely sure what meat the sausage was made out of, so if you have any dietary restrictions, definitely ask. I think it was some sort of blend, but I don't want to say since I'm not sure. 
The papaya salad was DANG SPICY. Like, it made me start to tear up...that's how spicy it was. I would definitely order it again. Now that I have had this papaya salad, I don't know if I can eat another bland papaya salad. Seriously, as I'm writing this, I'm kind of salivating thinking of that salad and I'm also kind of sort of making a plan to visit again in my head as I type...

This is the cross-section of the Sai Oua :) It isn't totally meat all the way through. I am kind of leaning towards a positive opinion of this option. It's NOT spicy, but I kind of wish it was spicy. It was kind of not as memorable as I had expected (you know...like Taiwanese sausage is SO GOOD, I expected Thai sausage to be good in its own right, too!). It was an odd mix of semi-dry and then also kind of wet at the same time.

Next time, I plan on trying some of the other options...like the Aeb Plaa (curried fish) or the Kanom Jiin Jay (VEGETARIAN green curry).

Just some food porn for you!

This is the full menu!

Next time, I also hope to try the dessert! So, I need to make sure to not get too ambitious or over-order again.

Leave a comment below about what you've tried or want to try!

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