[NYC - Midtown] Reichenbach Hall - German style beer hall with giant pretzels, currywurst, and jagerschnitzel

Reichenbach Hall is a HUGE beer hall near Bryant Park in New York City. 

For the World Cup, we tried to check out a few sports bars and other hot spots. To celebrate the Germany win (yes, they ruined my bracket, too), we checked out Reichenbach Hall.

I would say if you do want to go there for a big event (like the World Cup Finals, for example), make sure you do reserve far in advance! It will get filled up. As in, they made a makeshift table (with no view of the TV) and I got stuck there for the finals.

Anyway, if you're looking for some great German pub/bar food, this is the place to go. It is somewhat expensive, but such is life in New York City.

We got judged so hard for not buying a beer, so we went for the Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweisen in a half liter (there's also a 1-liter comically HUGE stein you can order).

Honestly, we should have been strong adults and not felt the pressure to get a beer, but it's fine. We're adults and we shared this beer.
We got currywurst. This was quite yummy, actually. I would probably order it again! The sausage was nice and snappy. The sauce was also quite good, but I kind of wish it was served with some sort of starch like...bread or rice or potatoes even. 

Also, definitely get a jager schnitzel!! This is a fried pork cutlet and it's topped with a mushroom and wine sauce, served with German potato salad and some pickled red cabbage.

I actually really liked the red cabbage even though I don't care for pickled food (maybe I need to start cutting my kimchi in fine shreds). The potatoes were great...and I may have also put some of the curry sauce from the currywurst on it #noshame.

The pork cutlet is pounded extremely thinly. That being said, the breading isn't too thick and it's not too greasy or anything. I would probably recommend you try the schnitzel here. (You can also get chicken or veal as the protein. I'd probably go for the chicken option.)

This is the all famous pretzel. I should have definitely taken a picture of it with my hand next to it. You can maybe imagine the size based on the sauce containers. It's definitely bigger than my head! We definitely got upsold on the cheese...the waitress asked "do you want cheese with that?" and then one of us (*cough cough* no me *cough cough*) said "yeah, sure." So, yeah the cheese costs extra. You get a huge amount.

I actually really don't care for beer cheese. I'm from the Midwest. I've had beer cheese before...and it's just not my thing. It's just a weird texture for me..

Anyway, I REALLY liked the mustard with the pretzel. The bf really liked the beer cheese because he's never had it before. The pretzel is huge and the outside is nice and brown, but the inside of the pretzel is dense, yet somewhat airy, and still moist. I also appreciated that the salt wasn't too heavy handed.

Others at the communal table got the shotski, so after that happened, I realized that everything I heard about this place is true. My guess is it's like a bro fest after work with all the midtown bros coming here, doing shotskis, creating a ruckus.

But, on a weekend afternoon, it wasn't too crazy even though Germany just won. In fact, there were even some families there with young children.

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