I really like Gongcha in Korea (read about my go-to drink here), so I really wanted to like it in New York City...

I just really could not like it!

I tried multiple locations since sometimes that's the problem in NYC, there's no uniformity between different franchises or branches of the same store, but they have all been somewhat uniformly unimpressive.

Since they do not have Grapefruit Green Tea Ade in the American stores, I went with my second most common order: mango green tea (10% sugar, no ice) with coconut jelly.

Each time I have gotten it in NYC (two different locations, a couple times in each location), the flavor has been blech. I mean it's fine, but the tea flavor is weak and there's almost no mango flavor. It kind of tastes like tepid weak tea with chunky coconut jelly in it. You know...the weak tea flavor when you know you are supposed to get a new tea bag, but you think maybe you can eek out a second cup. It's like that, so maybe they diluted the stock or something? I don't know. That's just pure speculation based on what kind of flavor I've had.

With all of the other bubble tea options in New York City, I would recommend passing by this chain and trying some of the smaller, more homegrown chains.

If I'm ordering wrong, please let me know! I'd be happy to give it one more chance.

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