[Minnesota - St. Cloud] Milk & Honey Ciders - Home Grown Cidery in Minnesota

While I was home for Christmas (yeah, super late post, sorry, but enjoy the snow pictures), we visited Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joseph.

It's a perfect location for CSB/SJU students and families and also not too far for SCSU students to travel.
When you’re ready for an alternative to the many brew pubs in Minnesota, check out Milk and Honey Ciders. On a hilltop west of St. Joseph, the taproom is in a bright building with high ceilings and big windows overlooking the apple orchard.

My parents were quite surprised they hadn't heard about Milk & Honey. Since Marissa's favorite alcoholic beverage is cider, we had to visit during our brief time in Minnesota.

Marissa got the flight with the Heirloom, Cider Rose, and Fauna as her three choices. She was especially impressed by the Rose one. Maybe impressed isn't the word I mean, she was excited by the fact that they offered a Rose cider. She did say that was her favorite one.

From my dad (left): I tried a 2015 Heirloon. I liked the brisk task and even on a very cold winter day, the cold cider was refreshing. The cidery touts the tropical fruit aroma but it didn’t overpower the apple taste.

I got the Spirit Animal (right). Honestly, I got it just because of the name. I'm sure other people have done the same. I am not the hugest cider fan. This was a pretty good cider, but I do prefer some of the more mainstream brands more, sorry :(

The flavors of the ciders were too subtle for me. I also prefer a really hoppy beer, so these ciders were a little too sweet for me.

I can imagine the cidery would be a beautiful place to take winter engagement photos or have a company holiday party. Just look at the photos below.

This is the menu. As with most of the breweries in the area, there's no kitchen on site. So, no hot food, but they did have some cheese platters and small snacks available. 

However, this place was a bit more family-friendly than a lot of the breweries. There's fresh apple cider available (non-alcoholic). There are also coolers with some sodas and milks, too.
They have merch!

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