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[Minnesota - St. Cloud] Erbert and Gerbert's - "Erbs and Gerbs"

Erbert and Gerbert's is a very Minnesotan chain (I'm actually not sure if it's from Minnesota, but I haven't really seen it outside of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Google says it's from Wisconsin, but I still stand by my statement that it's a "Classic Minnesota" place to eat).
You can see the full menu here:

I usually get the Boney Billy (turkey sandwich) on wheat. The bread is baked freshly multiple times per day. The "claim to fame" of Erbs and Gerbs (what locals call Erbert and Gerbert's), is the "guts." The "guts" are the soft part of the bread that the sandwich makers put on top of the sandwich for you to enjoy. I guess, now that I think about it more, it's kind of a weird concept and kind of gross to think that someone scooped it out if the top of the bread...anyway, the bread is always nice and fresh. It doesn't make me sick like Subway bread does. There are two options for bread - white and wheat. As I said, I usually get only the wheat.

I also like the Quatro sandwich, which is chicken breast, cranberry, and wasabi. I don't know why I didn't get the Quatro this day. The Narmer (turkey breast and avocado) and the Halley's Comet (roast beef) are also in my rotation.

The Jacob Bluefinger is the vegetarian sandwich option. It's avocado. I had it for a while during a phase I had in which I refused to eat lunch meat. There's also a PB&J option if you have kids who are picky and refuse to eat anything other than peanut butter (I've heard that's a thing).

There's also a great soup and half sandwich deal. Some of the soups I've tried have been good, but there are some misses, too. For example, I like the chicken wild rice soup, but the chili is sometimes good, sometimes not good. The chicken dumpling soup is also pretty okay, but I will forever skip the beer cheese.

The chips are usually good, but actually I once got a REALLY BAD bag of chips, which is definitely the worst thing ever for me because I love, like absolutely love, potato chips. Like whenever there's a meme or a potato-chip related anything I get tagged in it or someone sends me pictures of it (like as in, last week my sister sent a picture of a greeting card about loving potato chips to the group chat and then, not 5 minutes later, my friend shared a meme with me on Instagram about fall and potato chips). 

Anyway, I digressed, the bad chips were bad. The air was still puffy in there, but somehow the chips were soggy and just disgusting. I didn't even know what to do! There wasn't really a comments or concerns number on the back of the bag...or else there wasn't a lot number. I think it was the second problem. Since I was already at home by the time I realized the chips were disgusting, I ended up being sad, throwing them away, and then eating my potato chip stockpile.

Anyway, make sure you check the chips first, but the sour cream and onion are actually my favorite ones from Erbs and Gerbs. The salt and vinegar are a good treat, but I can't usually eat a whole bag.

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