[Minneapolis - Target Field] Kramarczuk's Sausages at Target Field

Kramarczuk's Sausages are a new classic at Target Field! You can find them at sections 312, 112, and 101.

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All that I know about Kramarczuk’s I learned at Target Field during Minnesota Twins baseball games. And I learned something new this season.
For me, their bratwurst and polish sausage, available by sections 312, 112 and 101, were OK. I tried my first when the stadium opened in 2010. 

For this blog post, I tried for the first time their brat with their grilled sauerkraut AND their grilled onions! Delicious!

Don’t add too much mustard. Just a touch.
Then all of the flavors, of the sausage, sauerkraut, even with bacon in it, the onions, and, yes, the bun, make a mouthful of wonderful flavor.

Mike has always liked the polish sausage with a little mustard. I’m harder to please than he is, but if you like a tasty sausage done up simply, this is the food for you at least a few times each season.

Kramarczuk’s, we knew, is a well known Minneapolis sausage maker, bakery and restaurant. That’s part of why they became a vendor at Target Field. We’ve never been to their store at 215 East Hennepin Avenue, but still want to try it (https://kramarczuks.com/).

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