[Minneapolis - Target Field] Drafts @ 34 - 21 Craft Beers and 1 Cider to Try!

“Drafts @ 34” opened for the start of the 2018 MLB season at Target Field near, you guessed it, Gate 34. They offer 21 craft beers, many from Minnesota breweries, and one cider.

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IPA fans will enjoy the selection, but there are porters and blondes for the rest of us. There’s even Hamm’s if you are feeling nostalgic!

I tried the Lift Bridge Brewing Company’s Mango Blonde at a recent game. I could smell the mango from the moment the barkeep put the cup of red-tinted beer on the counter in front of me. The taste was refreshing. Lots of mango, but plenty of beer too. The flavor has a hoppy edge that complemented the mango. (http://liftbridgebrewery.com/beer/Mango-Blonde/)

Pay attention to the pricing key on the menu board. They have three price points for a 16-ounce cup that are color-keyed to the drafts.

The only draw back to this new beer venue is that it’s a long way from where we sit up in section 314, or thereabouts. If you walk around the main concourse looking for something new in food offerings, then head up to your seats, your beer will be gone before you reach your seats and the game starts. I like a little beer with my baseball, but that didn’t happen when I bought a cup at Drafts @ 34. 

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