[Twin Cities - Minneapolis] Red Cow - MUST TRY BURGERS

Next time you're in Minneapolis, make sure you check out Red Cow!
Red Cow is a restaurant with a definite cult following, but there's good reason for that. We ended up having to wait about 45 minutes, even though we went at an awkward time - right after brunch rush, but before the Twins game. 

I was on an asparagus moment, so we had to get the Tempura Asparagus when we saw it on the menu, especially since it was served with a spicy pomegranate sauce (pomegranate was my fruit obsession of that moment). The asparagus was great, but frying things always makes it good. It was not too greasy and the tempura batter was nice and light. I kind of want to try to recreate this at home! The spicy pomegranate sauce was good, but the asparagus didn't need it (in our opinion). We wished that the server didn't take it away when he cleared the plates because it probably would have been great on the regular fries and maybe with some of the burgers.

If you go, you MUST get a burger. That's what Red Cow is known for - the specialty burgers. 

 When I saw the French Onion Burger ($13.50) on the menu, I knew I just HAD TO order it. It's a fresh handmade burger topped with French onion dip, sauteed French onions, white cheddar cheese, and homemade potato chips! This is basically like going to a cookout and building a burger with everything on the table. I loved it. I decided to go for the cole slaw on the side because we had ordered the Tempura Asparagus. The coleslaw dressing was nice and light, so it wasn't too mayonnaise-y. It was more like a vinegar-based dressing, which I liked. It also comes with a pickle spear.

This is the Mushroom Swiss Burger ($12.50). Even though this is quite "normal" sounding, Red Cow has elevated some of the toppings. For example, the mushroom is soaked in Merlot. The mayonnaise is also a garlic mayo, which I assume brings all the flavors together. This burger was served with a side of fries. They're not steak fries, but not shoestring fries (in case you are particular about your fry appearance, size, and texture). They were slightly crunchy on the outside, but not too crunchy, and were not dry on the inside.
The third member of our group decided to get the Ultimate Burger ($11.50), hold the onions. It's not pictured, but it was an above average patty topped with cheddar cheese, sauce, iceberg lettuce, and a slice of tomato. So, this is an option for some non-adventurous eaters.

If you're eating with vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, or with people with a gluten allergy, there are options available, too. On the menu you'll find: Ahi tuna burger with spicy mayo, veggie burger, and the Impossible Burger.

There are also plenty of delicious-sounding salads, appetizers, sandwiches (including a veggie Reuben), and other mains like fish and chips and mac and cheese.

Also! Red Cow can also be found at Target Field (Sections 234 and 126).

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