[Kyoto - Arashiyama] Yojiya Cafe in Sagano-Arashiyama Lunch Set

Did you know that Yojiya has a cafe in Arashiyama, too?

Yojiya is a pretty famous cosmetics and skincare brand in Japan (see products here). You have probably heard of the oil blotting papers as being quite famous, but did you know there's also a Yojiya Cafe?
Although the main, most iconic store is located near Kawaramachi station in Kyoto, but there are a lot of other stores throughout Kyoto (English website here). I think the Gion or the main store are probably the easiest to find and most convenient for you if you're touristing in the area.

I went to Arashiyama because I was meeting a friend there (you can also build in a visit to your day trip to see the Bamboo Forest and the Monkey Park. I'll write about the Bamboo Forest later since I visited on the same trip :)

Leave a comment below (or email me if you want to stay truly anonymous to the public) if you want a quick post about some of the makeup supplies I bought. I bought a gift set :)

Yojiya was founded in 1904 and I just took a quick shot of the napkin, so you can see the iconic logo. It's so cute and everything is so branded.
The Yojiya logo plays tribute to the history of the company. For a long time, Yojiya made its name creating stage makeup for kabuki artists.

If you order a latte, I got a green tea latte with my meal, you will have the iconic lady's face stenciled on the top.

I felt too awkward to take pictures of the menu, so sorry. It was all in Japanese and my friend translated every item for me and I didn't want to ask him to do it again for this post. The lunch sets are actually quite reasonable for Japan, everything was below 2000JPY (so less than $20).

We went for lunch and there is a lunch set special. It came with a pasta and a side salad. The salad was a bit lackluster, though. The pasta was nice, though. I don't know why I actually like Japanese pasta so much, maybe it's because I lived in Korea for so long and had a lot of...ketchup pasta that I paid too much for...and because in America, everything is so heavy and full of cheese or cream and it's not good for my stomach. Anyway, too much about my weak stomach.

This pasta was nice and light and fresh. Sorry the picture is so out of focus. The pasta is a light oil pasta with sausage and mushrooms. The sausage was not spicy, so that was one negative for me, but it was a sausage and not just a ground beef flavor.

I knew I wanted to get the latte. I'm pretty sure it was almost the same price as the lunch set, just kidding. I seem to recall it was like 680JPY (?), which is expensive, but not expensive to a point I wouldn't consider buying one.

The interior design of the Yojiya Cafe was quite nice and peaceful, even though the cafe was quite full. I thought I had pictures of the interior, but when I reviewed them, I realized that they were all TERRIBLE! Like even worse than the pictures I usually post, so that's saying something.

The cafe has a lot of bamboo, maybe it's because it's in Arashiyama? The tables are a dark wood color and the floor is kind of slate, so it's quite classy and modern looking.

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