[K-beauty] Elizavecca milkypiggy Hell-Pore Cleanup Mask - The painful mask

My friend visited me in NYC and, while we were in ktown, we stopped into one of the k-beauty shops and she picked up the Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask from Elizavecca.
When we got back to my apartment, we all tried it out. I was kind of excited to try it because I was a sucker for those videos that went viral a year or two ago.

Since I was living in Korea, it was impossible to get these products. Seriously, there were threads in various Facebook groups about the topic of "Where can I find the Elizavecca milky piggy products in Seoul?"

I always tried finding them. A few weeks before I came back to the United States, I FINALLY found some. If you're in Korea and are struggling to find the Elizavecca products, I found them in Artbox! They were only in the big Artbox in Myeongdong, though. I couldn't find them in the Gangnam or Hongdae Artboxes.

I was able to find the cleanup peel mask (what this review is about), but not the bubble mask in Korea. Maybe the bubble mask was always sold out, but no idea.

I kind of wonder if this is actually an American company that is created by a Korean to take advantage of the k-beauty wave. If so, I totally applaud the creators. I wish I would have been smart enough to think of doing that and the business savvy to do so.

Anyway, what you're here for, the review!

As you know, I'm quite partial to the Apricot Seed Peel Mask (check out my previous post), but since that is only available in Korean stores (I've checked the Aritaum stores in NYC to no avail), I decided to try this out in person while my friend was offering it.

So, I hadn't used any Biore pore strips in a while, so I knew I had a lot of stuff in my pore that I could cleanup if this worked as anticipated.

After steaming and cleaning my face, I applied it to my nose. This product is designed for the nose, so I wanted to make sure I followed the instructions the first time.

Then, it was a long 20-minute wait. The instructions say 15-25 minutes, but it was tight by 20 minutes, dried throughout, and also starting to kind of peel on the sides.

I was so ready for a very satisfying peel and being able to see all the blackheads that got pulled out (guilty pleasure of mine when I peel off my Biore pore strip).

However, I was disappointed, very disappointed. It did pull off, but it wasn't in one full sheet as I had hoped. There also was maybe one blackhead on the sheet that I did pull off.

Maybe my nose is just really oily (hint: it is), but, even though the top of the mask was dry, the bottom layer wasn't fully dry.

Maybe my experience was user error? Or, maybe it doesn't work with my skin type (I have combination skin - with a very oily t-zone).

What did you think?

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