[Minnesota - Duluth] Duluth Pack Store - Get the cult classic Duluth Pack and Wilderness Gear

Duluth Pack is a cult-classic, pretty sure. Duluth Pack bags have a lifetime guarantee and are great high-quality, handsewn bags.

I remember I first really started hearing about Duluth Pack in college because the girl across the hall from me found a Duluth Pack bag at a thrift store for like $10. She was freaking out because the 1) bags are generally around $300 or so and because 2) the bags are extremely high quality, so they last forever and because 3) they are handmade.

If you're thinking that it's expensive for a backpack, know that the items do come with a lifetime guarantee, including free repairs for the lifetime of the product.

This would be such a dangerous store to take a person who is into the rugged look and who is maybe a hobby hiker (not like a crazy intense hiker, but like a millennial who likes to occasionally walk up steep paths on the weekend).

There's plenty of other hiking gear that I'm sure the intense hiker would also appreciate, but I know nothing about that life, so I won't add my two cents. Leave a comment here if you have any opinions about the other merchandise.

There are a lot of other products that one may use for camping or for life at the cabin (again, I know nothing about that life). There are some axes, for example, and some what appeared to be hunting knives.

There are also plenty of "big name" camping/outdoors brands also available at this store. My take is it's kind of like a theme park store for hiking and outdoors enthusiasts who want to touch the things in person instead of buying them on the internet.

There was a little "souvenir" section, too, if you wanted some Duluth/Lake Superior-themed gifts. I could also see this being a place that grandparents pick up gifts for their grandkids while on vacation. There's an entire section in the room to the side with stuffed animals and other toys.

If you're like me and you're not really into nature that much, there are some quite high-quality handbags, wallets, and other leather accessories. There are also some great looking leather briefcases and book bags. The leather felt REALLY nice and the seams seemed like they were sewn really well. I was really, really tempted by some of the handbags when I visited the store.

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