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[Minnesota - St. Cloud] A&W Root Beer Float - The OG Summertime Treat

This is a really random post, but since it's soon becoming fall, time to eek out the last days of summer with an A&W root beer float.

I'm not even a huge root beer fan, but it's one of those things that, every once in a while, I get a strong craving for.

Whenever that happened in Korea, I was kind of screwed because there was only like one or two places to get one and...I was too cheap to pay those prices for a root beer float.

Luckily in America, especially my hometown in Minnesota, it's quite easy to find one when the craving hits.

I actually got this one for free! Not because of my blog or anything, but because they give out coupons for free A&W root beer floats whenever the hometown baseball team does something or another. I can't remember which deal this was...we left the game with so many we made money on the ticket in value of the ticket (most were useless, but if you're into chain restaurants and fast food, definitely check out an amateur baseball game in Minnesota).

Anyway, this was everything I wanted (actually it was far more than I wanted). The float is made with the classic A&W root beer and an ample (beyond ample) amount of soft serve vanilla ice cream.

I actually really like drinking the root beer float after it has melted. Does that make me gross?

What I really want to have again is a cream soda float. If you know where to find one, let me know in the comment below!

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