[Snack Attack - Japan] Calbee Potato Chips - Ume Sour Japanese Plum

Calbee potato chips in ume flavor are best enjoyed by an ume fan.

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I guess it could also be a good gift for an adventurous eater since a potato chip is a pretty innocuous vehicle to try ume for the first time.

My first introduction to ume came because I couldn't read Japanese and went to the grocery store across from my office to buy an onigiri for lunch. Needless to say, I was quite hungry that day because I couldn't handle the flavor.

I have also, on occasion, just grabbed a bag of chips off the shelf without really looking at the pictures or anything and been surprised when it was ume flavored.

This bag, however, I bought with a purpose. I actually don't hate ume, it's just I like to know that it has ume in it when I take a bite, so I can mentally prepare myself for it. It's one thing to eat an unigiri that has ume in it knowing it has ume in it and being ready for the slightly sour, but sweet flavor and a plum texture and another thing entirely to bite into an onigiri thinking it's going to just be seaweed, rice, a little sesame oil, and some seafood/fish.

Same goes for potato chips. I knew what this one would taste like and wanted to share it with my friends since they didn't believe me that such a "weird" taste existed. So, I bought it and brought it back from Japan on a trip to share with my friends.

If you're not expecting it, you are kind of like "why am I eating potpourri on my potato chip?," but if you go in expecting it to be somewhat floral, fruity, yet sour, it's actually a pretty enjoyable experience.

It may still be an acquired taste and I somehow had acquired it through my lack of reading abilities while living in Japan.

What do you think of ume?

Purchase Calbee chips on Amazon: Affiliate Link
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