[Snack Attack - Korea] Fresh Ripe Persimmon Juice from CU

Did you know that CU sometimes has fresh juice, not from concentrate, in its stores? I found this Ripe Persimmon juice and it was great!

First off, I couldn't believe that I found a persimmon juice in the store. Persimmon, or hongsi in Korean, is a pretty common fruit, but it's not often sold in the stores as juice. I'm not sure why.

I was even more surprised that I found the juice in CU under its HEYROO brand, aka the no brand/off-brand/CU store brand.

I was triply surprised that the juice was "fresh" and not from concentrate. It's so hard to find juice in Korean markets that's not from concentrate. It has been getting easier, but it's still pretty difficult.

I was so excited to drink this. I kind of wanted to keep it forever just because it was such a good find and also because I'm weird and I hoard food that I like sometimes.

The juice actually does seem fresh and not from concentrate. It's kind of thicker than an average juice would be and the flavor is quite deep, so it really seems like it wasn't just a marketing ploy.

It's not too sweet, but if you're super sensitive to sweetness, you may want to thin it out a bit with some water. I thought it didn't taste like they added too much extra sugar like they do for other juices (esp. tomato juice, yuck!).

So, it turns out I should have hoarded it because I could NOT find it again. Maybe it was a seasonal item or something and the season was literally 1-2 weeks long?

Have you ever seen it in your CU?

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