[Seoul - Yeoksam] Vicenza Coffee - Black Green Tea Latte (Espresso latte with matcha powder)

Vicenza Coffee is located near Yeoksam Station/LG Art Center. It's a pretty large cafe, actually. There are two floors of seating.

It's actually kind of difficult to find a nice cafe in Yeoksam that is quiet and not a chain. I was so happy when I stumbled upon Vicenza Coffee. It's VERY quiet, even during the lunch hour in a rather large business district in Seoul.

Vicenza uses Julius Meinl coffee, which is a very good Viennese coffee brand, actually. I don't usually get fancy drinks at cafes, but I knew I had to try something with espresso when I saw the brand...other than an Americano.

I contemplated the menu for a long time. I finally found a unique drink to try! I got the Black Green Tea Latte, which is basically an espresso latte and a green tea latte combined. One of my favorite drinks at Starbucks is actually a green tea latte with two shots of espresso, so I thought this was a great opportunity to try it somewhere else.

The matcha powder layer is at the bottom of the drink, then a layer of milk, and a layer of espresso on top. You obviously mix it all together before drinking. The matcha power was actually quite fine grain, so it was great. Sometimes the matcha powder at cafes are kind of coarse, so it kind of is like eating green tea-flavored sand, but not here.

I actually REALLY liked the latte. It wasn't sweet and didn't have too much ice. Thank goodness! I'm sure if you wanted it to be sweet, you could definitely add some syrup or sugar. The milk was a great complement for both the espresso's slight bitterness and the matcha's more earthy flavor. All together, it was a great drink.

It was kind of expensive, but that's to be expected. I believe it was 5500 KRW, which is not outrageous for Gangnam. 

This is the second floor. It's quite spacious. It was a weird space...it kind of seemed like it was connected to or part of the Japanese restaurant next door (?) not sure. There's a large smoking room, but it seemed to be very well contained the day I was there (there were more people in the smoking room than probably in the rest of the cafe all together).

There's spotty wifi/no wifi, so definitely don't try to get work done there.

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