[NYC - Midtown West] Bibble and Sip - Cream Puffs and Alpaca Tart

Cream puffs from Bibble and Sip are one of my favorite of my favorite treats in NYC.

Bibble & Sip is a pretty small cafe. It's very Asian style in terms of desserts and drinks.

The main draw at the store is definitely for the cream puffs. They are released every day fresh beginning at noon. Even now, you'll often find a long line out the door waiting for them.

However, there are plenty of other treats that you should definitely check out like the Asian puddings, fancy filled croissants, cutesy character macarons (character changes daily), and plenty of other cute cakes and pastries.

When I saw the cute alpaca staring at me I couldn't resist this time. She's on the Hazelnut Mango Crunch. This one is usually there every day, so if you want to try it, definitely check it out.

I wanted to show you what it looked like inside, but I hope this doesn't turn you off from trying it. It's chocolate and creamy on the outside and the inside is mango. It's quite nice, but too sugary for me (I'm also not a chocolate person, so my sister ate the rest of it.) It wasn't that memorable for me and I don't think I, personally, would buy it again. It's VERY chocolatey.

This is my favorite cream puff ever..seriously. It's the Black Sesame Cream Puff. My favorite flavor of anything is black sesame actually. This is no different.

It's just so perfect. Look at how perfect these cream puffs are in the cross-section view. This is the black sesame one. It's maybe an acquired taste(?), but for most of my Asian friends and me it's our preferred flavor. It's savory and not too sweet, but sweet enough to balance the black sesame flavor. The cream is slightly sweetened.

This is the Earl Grey Tea flavor. This is my second favorite. It really tastes like an Asian earl grey latte. I'm not sure why Earl Grey/Black Tea lattes taste better in Asia, but they do. It's richly black tea flavored, with milky cream flavor, and medium sugar.

This is the Green Tea/Matcha Cream Puff. This was my sister's favorite. I think this would be probably a good one to get if you're not sure how adventurous you are feeling or if you've never tried an Asian cream puff before. This is probably the bridging flavor of cream puff.

If you're going there and you get a mix of flavors, the tops are different colors.
Black sesame - black on top
Earl grey - white on top
Green tea - green on top

I believe they also sell a regular flavor cream puff, but I tend to not get that one just because they're kind of pricey in general, so if I'm spending more than $4 on a cream puff, I'd want to make sure it's a specialty flavor that I can't usually find anywhere else.

They're quite portable. I brought these to my sister in DC as a thanks for letting me stay with her. So, they made the trek via bus from NYC --> DC.

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