[Gwangju] Mahanji Ssambap Lunch Set 마한지 삼곡주물럭쌈밥 (ONLY 10,000KRW!)

On an overnight trip to Gwangju from Seoul, we decided to go to Mahanji 마한지 for lunch upon a recommendation from my friend who used to live in Gwangju.

Since we went to 마한지 for lunch, we were able to get the lunch set menu for 10,000KRW (served only from 11:30AM until 2PM). We were there on the weekend and were still able to get the lunch set. It was quite busy actually, probably because it was a holiday weekend.

There were two of us, but since this is the set, all of this food is included no matter how many people you have.

The food is very fresh and actually quite good quality. If we were in Seoul, I'm sure this meal would have easily been 15,000+ per person.

Sorry the photos are so bad, I was hungry (we had a bit of a wait, about 15-20 minutes) and having phone problems. The wait is notable because this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE restaurant.

My favorite side dish out of this set is probably the lotus root followed closely by the fish (it's mackerel).

This is the "main" part of the meal. It's a pork hotpot with a spicy sauce (it wasn't that spicy, I know the redness of the sauce makes it seem like it was fiery, but it wasn't). In this picture, I'm sure it looks kind of small, but it was kind of a lot of food.

There are also some vegetables in there, too - cabbage, cloves of garlic, etc. It was very flavorful. Gwangju is kind of famous for this dish.

This is the doenjjang jjigae, it has rather generously sized pieces of tofu in it. 

These are more of the side dishes. I really like the roots...

This is the lettuce for making the wraps. Assemble however you like, but I usually use the lettuce as the bottom layer and then add some of the more flavorful greens as a second layer, then I add some of the doenjjang paste on the meat and put it on the lettuce. Depending on how done the garlic is, I sometimes add it. I don't usually add the rice to the wrap.
This is some dessert tea to end the meal.

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