[Korea] Incheon Airport: Where to Buy Airport Limousine Tickets to Seoul - Terminal 2

In the new terminal of Incheon Airport, Terminal 2 - Korean Air Terminal, getting a limousine bus is SO easy!

Travel tips:
Sorry, I don't know how Terminal 1's bus/limousine bus procedure changed because of of the Olympics earlier this year. My guess is it's going to be similarly electronic.

There will be signs for buses. So, make sure you follow the signs for buses.

Since we were in the plane for like 15 hours and were semi-groggy, we were like "WHERE IS THE BUS TERMINAL?."

It took me a while to realize that maybe Korea just doesn't have signs in English. Lo and behold, the airport didn't have English signs, so I snapped a pic for you.

You can do everything via the computerised terminal. It also takes credit card, so you don't have to worry about having cash, etc. If you do have money left on your T-money card, you can use that too. I believe you get a slight discount, but don't quote me on that. I had like 20 won left on my T-money card, so I definitely could not use it.

The ticket machines do have English! It's very easy to navigate. Just make sure you know which bus stop is your closest stop to your hotel or Airbnb.

The other nice thing about this system is you don't have to just queue and wait for the driver to give you a ticket. You can actually schedule your bus time and also see how many seats are left on the bus.

We had about 5 minutes between our bus departure time and when we bought our tickets. So, still groggily, we had to try to figure out where to board the bus.

The answer is...the waiting room is LITERALLY behind the ticket machines. Your ticket will tell you which gate to take and they also check your ticket before you board.

If you have larger or heavier suitcases, you should give them to the man to load them under the bus. He'll give you retrieval tickets. You need to tell him where your stop is. So, if you don't know Korean well, you should make sure to have it written out in Korean and you can just show the man. You can request your hotel, Airbnb host, or university to write it out for you.

If you have smaller bags or bags with valuables in them and you'd feel more comfortable having them by you, there's also a medium-sized luggage space in the front of the bus. It's directly on the floor, not like in other countries where there are luggage racks. It's about the space of 2-3 rows of bus seats, but only on one side of the aisle (I hope that makes sense). That area is first come, first serve.

You can choose your seat and then settle in. There's always duty free coupons, so if that's your thing, make sure to grab some. You don't need to buckle your seatbelt until you get on the expressway, but the driver will greet you, bow, and make an announcement. At that time, you need to buckle your seatbelt. Honestly, I'm always buckled.

The bus automatically announces stops in Korean and English, depending on the stop sometimes there's also Chinese and Japanese. For example, Myeongdong stop has all four languages. When your stop is announced, push the red stop button to alert the driver.

The ride will be roughly 45 minutes into Seoul with light traffic and then depending on where you are going in Seoul, it could range anything from about 5-45 minutes again.

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