[DC - Arlington] Big Buns - Happy Hour Boozy Shakes and Burgers

Happy hour goes until 7PM at Big Buns, which was lucky for us. We got there at about 6:54 and awkwardly asked if they were still doing happy hour...they were, so we happily partook.

They have boozy milkshakes. This is the Oreo + Whiskey one. They also have non-boozy milkshakes, which are just as good, I'm sure. It was actually quite boozy, unlike some of the boozy shakes we've tried in the past.

This is the Saucy Sailor. It's a rum drink made with Mexican coke, vanilla, and lime. I was medium about the vanilla. I mean, I can see why some people like it, but I wasn't a huge fan. Luckily, the rum was in there to save the day.
Definitely get the sweet potato fries!!

Not pictured is the Sea Salt N Peppa burger. I don't know what happened to the picture, but it's gone. This burger is topped with Frank's Red Hot Sauce and, according to my sister, it was super good and not too spicy.

I got the Horseradish Bourbon (pictured). This was a super delicious burger, but quite messy. Actually both were quite messy. All the flavors melded together so well for this burger. I was kind of on the fence about the tomato jam when I saw it on the menu, but oddly was quite satisfied by it. If you're slightly iffy about horseradish, it's not super horseradish-y. It's not like they dumped pure horseradish on the burger or even the horseradish sauce from Arby's.

This is the condiments station.

This is a look at the fresh iced teas and lemonade.

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