[Snack Attack - International] Taiwan Sweet Afternoon Milky Sandwich Soda Cracker

This was one of the "hot" items to get when you visit Taiwan for Koreans for a while. I remember whenever my coworkers went to Taiwan on a business trip or for vacation, they always came back carrying boxes of this (and pineapple cakes).

I usually just ate them, but then I realized maybe it may make a good post (?). A post that may help you select which treat to bring back with you to share with your officemates, especially if you're working in a Korean office.

To my American tastebuds/mind, this was a strange combination, but it somehow worked. It was kind of like a fancy sandwich cracker you get in school. The crackers were kind of sweet, maybe like a Ritz cracker, but with some chives/green onion flavor in them.

The filling, if you can call it that, is a white cheese. It's not a cream cheese...I'm not a cheese expert, so I'm not sure what it is exactly. I think they call it a "cheese nougat," which I guess seems like what it is. It's semi-sweet, but really smooth and soft. It actually kind of complements the green onion cracker flavor.

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