[Snack Attack - Taiwan] Pineapple Brownie - Pineapple Cakes with Brownies

In addition to last week's milky nougat sandwich crackers from Taiwan, pineapple cakes are another one of those souvenirs you have to bring back with you on a trip to Taiwan.
My friend brought me this twist on a pineapple cake. It's a pineapple brownie.

In addition to the typical pineapple cake sponge cake, there's a brownie layer on the bottom.

I was slightly hesitant at first because why mess with something that's so simple. 

It was definitely a different cake. It was less sweet and actually the brownie kind of complemented the pineapple cake texture and flavor. It was a mellow chocolate flavor, not super sweet and not milk chocolate, which I appreciated. 

The individual packaging of the cakes is SO CUTE. So much cuter than the usual pineapple cake wrappers. So, I took a pic since it wasn't obvious that the packaging was cute when you just looked at the outside of the package.

I would definitely recommend this as an office treat if you have a younger office. If not, I'd stick with the traditional pineapple cake since that's probably the office treat they are expecting.

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