[Seoul - Myeongdong] Street Food in Korea's Most Famous Shopping District

Today's post is about the street food in Myeongdong.

I'm currently preparing for my trip back to Seoul. I am looking back at some old pictures and remembering all the places I love...and some of the ones I don't care for that much.

I don't really go for the crazy fad items (I'm looking at you street lobster). I try to stick with the more traditional street food items that I used to find at the vendors in my neighborhood like 9 years ago (when did I get so old??).

First up is the egg bread (gyeran ppang). This vendor is my favorite one (even though I'm not a huge fan of eggs...as in I don't like eggs at all).

I've tried some of the other egg bread vendors in Myeongdong, but this guy's cart serves the yummiest, fluffiest ones. I took my friend there and she ended up going back for seconds...or thirds(?).

He's located right outside the Zara :)

The next is hotteok filled with honey. This is seriously one of my favorite winter street foods, but now you can get it all year long. We actually went right as they were all closing for the night, but they made us fresh ones and also gave us some extra for free.

It's filled with honey, brown sugar, and some sunflower seeds. It's really hot, so be careful when you bite into it!

These chicken skewers are also very famous. They give you a stick with grilled chicken meat on it and then you can paint your own flavors on it. There are about 6 different flavors to choose from...ranging from sweet teriyaki to fire sauce.

My only suggestion for the meat skewers is to make sure there's a queue and that they're constantly making new skewers. You don't want to have your trip ruined by some iffy street meat.

If you're in Edae (Ewha Women's University), make sure to check out this post (Herb Cup Chicken) for where to find my FAVORITE cup chicken cart. Don't get tricked by the imitations out there. These guys have been around since like 2010...at least...making the best chicken ever.

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