[Seoul - Lotte World Mall] On the Border - Margaritas and FREE CHIPS

This post is about the On the Border location in Lotte World Mall in Jamshil. There's a corresponding post about Coex On the Border, too. They both should go up at the same time, so just navigate to the home page and then find the second post :)

Since it's basically Cinco de Mayo today, I decided to do some extra posts today about Mexican food places. I know that that's not what Cinco de Mayo is about, but that is what it has evolved into.

So, On the Border is a consistent chain restaurant around the world, including in Korea.

We often go to On the Border for drinks after work. The drinks are reasonably priced and are also consistently strong.

This is my favorite - ginger margarita.

One great thing about On the Border is you're not required to buy anju like you do at other Mexican restaurants in Korea. So, if you just wanted to go for a margarita or a beer, you're free to do so.

The best thing about On the Border is that they give you heaping bowls of chips and salsa, just like in America. The chips are refillable and sometimes if you're nice to the waitstaff, the staff will even give you an extra bowl without prompting and sometimes give you a bag or two to bring home. The chips are also served warm. They're not greasy, but they do have salt on them - my favorite (I may have stolen this picture from my post about the Coex location).

When you're paying, make sure you ask for a point card! The point cards are quite useful and are actually very easy to redeem. You get incrementally higher percentages off your check as you collect more stamps.

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