[Seoul - Sadang] iPho - Cheap pho (less than 5000 KRW) and Vietnamese food

Yet another place to get your pho fix in Seoul is iPho. (Check out my other pho posts)

It's a small chain with a few location scattered around Seoul and Korea.

We had a craving for pho, but we weren't looking to spend too much money and we wanted to stay near the Sadang area because of future appointments.

I've tried many of the pho chains in Seoul, the more "big name" sort of chains, as well as many of the more homegrown chains.

Since this was a medium chain establishment, my friend and I had some doubts, especially since it was much less than 10,000 KRW per bowl.

We each got the brisket pho, it's 4900 KRW for the regular size...which is ridiculously cheap. The serving size was quite generous, especially considering the price. The broth was pretty good, not too salty, not too greasy or heavy feeling, and not too sweet (has anyone else found that sometimes pho broth is oddly sweet?). There was actually a lot of meat, I'm not sure if it's that obvious in the picture, but it was a pretty substantial portion.

Sadly, there was ZERO cilantro available, which is a bummer for me because I love cilantro, but you'll probably be ecstatic if you hate cilantro that it's nowhere in sight. The noodles were cooked just right for my preferences. Usually, when I get pho, the broth is SUPER DUPER hot, but here it was hot, but not like burn off layers of skin in your mouth hot.

The location was really chill. There was only one other table of diners, but it may be because we went at like 2:30PM. Everything was really clean and bright.

This is the menu. It's a picture menu, but there's no English. If you'd like me to translate the menu, please leave a comment below. I'd be happy to translate it if it would help you out. :)

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