[Seoul - Gwanghwamun] D Tower PowerPlant - Buzza Pizza, Coreanos

D Tower is a relatively new-ish food court in Gwanghwamun.

D Tower is a great place to get food from five of the "hot places" in Seoul all at once and without the crazy crowds.

This is a good meeting spot if you have friends that all have different food preferences, styles, etc. Since it's a food court with five restaurants available, everyone can find something they would like to eat.

It has a quite large seating area. I've only sat in one portion of the food area on my multiple visits, but there are about 3 other "rooms." You can make reservations in advance if you have a group.

It's not a seat yourself sort of affair. You still check in with the greeter and they seat you. You are then given two options: 1) table service, 2) self-service. Table service would be nice with a large group, I'm sure. However, the menu is simplified a bit (on top of the already somewhat simplified menu compared with the standalone locations). If you choose to do self-service, you can walk up to any of the counters and see the full menu (sorry, I left my phone at the table when I went to order and didn't want to walk around like a crazy person to all the counters and take a picture, but believe me...there's a more extensive menu). Since these are all more "Western style" food spots, the menus do have English written on them.

With table service, there is an additional fee. I can't remember the surcharge because I've always been cheap and also wanted to have the fuller menus available at self-service.

This is the Grilled Shrimp Avocado Salad from Coreanos. I typically go for a burrito from Coreanos, but this time we were feeling like we needed more vegetables in our lives. The shrimp was delicious, but the rest of the salad was fine for Korea, but I am not sure I'd order it again. It was flavorful, but not more flavorful than I could make at home. However, it is a pescatarian option. The salad was not overdressed, so I'll give them points for that. It's just a basic romaine salad with Cajun shrimp on top.

This is the pizza from Buzza Pizza. We got a slice of the Funghi and Prosciutto and a slice of the Diavila con Olive Nere. I would definitely say that I preferred the Diavila con Olive Nere pizza. It had flavor and wasn't too salty. The Funghi and Prosciutto was a little salty for me...and I also kind of prefer a red pizza. It's very thin crust. The slices are pretty big, but I would say they're NOT super filling, so I was still hungry after the equivalent of one slice of pizza and a half of the salad.

To get to the back seating area, where a majority of the counters are located, you pass through this crazy beer bottle tunnel space. It's really not that, but that's how I like to think of it. It's just a BUNCH of bottles of beer lined up on shelves on either side of the walkway.
This is the "bar" area of PowerPlant. This is where Manimal is located, on the right. This is also where you can order beer (bottled and on draft), on the left.

I've been here multiple times, so I can write a follow-up post after I find the relevant pictures and touch them up a bit.

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