[Seoul - Gangnam] Amasvin Bubble Tea

Amasvin is my favorite bubble tea shop in Korea! If you're not into bubble tea, there are TONS of other options including smoothies and coffee.

As my trip back to Korea has come, it's time to write about my absolute favorite bubble tea shop in Korea. It's called Amasvin and there are locations all around Seoul.

I first started going to Amasvin back in 2013, which seems like it was SO LONG ago.

I started going because 1) it was right across from my office, 2) it has an extensive menu (also serves ice cream waffles, for example), 3) it's cheap.

I usually go for a coconut milk tea or other milk tea with coconut jellies, but this day I got the strawberry yogurt drink with tapioca pearls. It's my friend's go-to order and, since she likes it so much, I decided I should also try it out.

My friends got a milk tea and a fruit cooler (the third friend doesn't like tea that much).

Amasvin uses fresh ingredients like fresh milk and real fruit. 

You can even see in this picture that the strawberry yogurt drink is made with real yogurt, not a powder.

Like at all other bubble tea shops, you do have to tell them what percentage of sweetness you want and what percentage of ice (if you're ordering an iced beverage). I usually go for almost no sugar and usually almost no ice, but it is an option to go over 100%...so if you really liked ice or sugar, you can ask them to give you 150%, for example.

The tapioca pearls were a great texture, chewy, but not crunchy and not overcooked/mushy.

This is the exterior of the Gangnam location.

I can give directions to the Gangnam location, if you would like. I've also been to locations near Gwanghwamun/Jongro, Sillim/SNU, and Edae.

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