[Seoul - Sadang] Lee Gimbap - Premium Kimbap

Lee Kimbap is a premium kimbap option if you can't find other premium kimbap places like Kim Seonsaeng or Robot Kimbap.

Premium kimbap is somewhat of a hit or miss item for me. Like, I really like Kim Seonsaeng and Robot Kimbap, so, of course, I wanted to check out Lee Gimbap, too.

I first "discovered" this shop when I was living in Sadang. I guess it got a little famous after it was featured on a Korean food series, so now there are a couple other locations.

Let me just say, when they say "premium" they really mean you pay inflated prices. I tried it first in late 2016 - the rolls were about 3500-5000 each and, my local kimbap stall by my house was still selling really generous rolls for 2000 (as in, I grabbed it on my way to work and it was definitely more than I needed for lunch).

I usually get the bulgogi mushroom gimbap because I was feeling cheap and most of the other rolls had WAYYYYY too much mayonnaise. (The cheese tuna or tuna mayo rolls are the most famous, I believe).

It is premium, but unlike Robot Kimbap, Lee Gimbap doesn't use brown rice. As you can see, it also has mushrooms, egg custard/omelette (it's slighly sweeter than just egg, so that's why I am calling it more of a custard), and an ample portion of beef.

It was yummy, but not sure it was better than what I could get at Robot or Kim Seonsaeng. I think I'd prefer to stop off at one of my other places or even the mom and pop store before I'd repurchase.

However, it does make a good road snack before you go on a trip.

I've visited the Sadang Station and the Express Bus Terminal locations. After a quick search, it appears that there is also a location in Hapjeong. If you'd like location information, please leave a comment below and I'll give you some directions.

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