[Seoul - Jongro] Coffee Hanyakbang - In-House Roasted Coffee in a Cafe with Character

Coffee hanyakbang is a coffee roasting house/cafe located in a former pharmacy, hence the name.

I am hesitating a bit posting this because it's one of my friend's favorite "secret hangouts." After revisiting again last week, I can tell you that it has become slightly more popular.

The interior has a vintage-y feel to it. It's quite chill, actually. They really do roast in house. If you see the guys in the back of the top picture, they're doing some part of the roasting process at the very moment (sorry, not a coffee roaster, so I don't know exactly what step they are doing, just they're doing something roasting related).

It was past 4PM, so I had to pass on having coffee, but luckily they did sell fresh fruit juice. This is the bokbunja fruit juice, Korean black raspberry.

Unlike the fruit juice at a lot of other cafes, this one is DEFINITELY made with real fruit, not artificial syrups or powders. It's also not overly sweetened, maybe not even sweetened at all.
Since, by the name, you can obviously tell this cafe is all about the coffee, you should definitely get the coffee.

They specialize in pour over/filter coffee. You can see them do it on the coffee bar.

This is the menu:

There's a second room across the way from the main room (where you order). It's really, really full of Korean lacquer cabinets. So, if that's more your scene, you should definitely sit over there.

Euljiro-3-ga Station (line 2, 3) exit 1 walk straight to the first street and turn right. Then, before you get to the GS25 on the corner, walk down the little alleyway. It's the second building to the left after you get into the alleyway.

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