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[Seoul - Coex Mall] On the Border - lunch specials and FREE Chips

This post is about the On the Border location in in Coex/City Airport. There's a corresponding post about Lotte World Mall On the Border, too. They both should go up at the same time, so just navigate to the home page and then find the second post :)

Since it's basically Cinco de Mayo today, I decided to do some extra posts today about Mexican food places. I know that that's not what Cinco de Mayo is about, but that is what it has evolved into.

On the Border is kind of pricey, in my opinion. However, you can get around the high price tag by going for lunch. They do have a great lunch set menu (it's available on weekends, too).

This is the chicken taco and salad lunch menu. The dressing is the southwestern dressing. The vegetables in the salad were really fresh :)
This is the chimichanga and tortilla soup. Sometimes I get the chimichanga, but it's a treat because it's so many calories. It's basically a deep fried burrito.

I ALWAYS get the tortilla soup, though. It comes topped with some crispy tortilla strips and a slice of avocado. The soup isn't too salty and has shredded cheese in it that gets nice and melty in the soup bowl. So, when you take a bite, there's a nice cheese pull.
The best thing about On the Border is that they give you heaping bowls of chips and salsa, just like in America. The chips are refillable and sometimes if you're nice to the waitstaff, the staff will even give you an extra bowl without prompting and sometimes give you a bag or two to bring home. The chips are also served warm. They're not greasy, but they do have salt on them - my favorite.

I don't remember how I discovered the Coex location, but I think it was because I was going to a convention in Coex Convention Center and we were craving some chips, a likely scenario.

This location is so nice, though. I don't think many people know about it!! It's nice and quiet. So, you get better service and you can actually hear yourself think (and your dining companion(s) talk). It's quite spacious, so I could imagine it gets pretty busy if there's a huge convention.

When you're paying, make sure you ask for a point card! The point cards are quite useful and are actually very easy to redeem. You get incrementally higher percentages off your check as you collect more stamps.

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