[Twin Cities - Minneapolis] Target Field Twins Game - How to get free soda!

Want to know how to get a free soda at the Twins game? Read on! 
Sponsored by the Minnesota Twins and Anheuser-Busch, the Good Sport program promotes responsible alcohol use and rewards designated drivers. For more information please visit any of the Good Sport kiosks located on the Main Concourse near section 130 and on the Terrace Concourse near section 222
Actually, most stadiums (even NHL arenas, MLS stadiums, etc.) have this same sort of program, so definitely look around for it! It's part of Budweiser's CSR program. 

Full disclaimer, obviously this picture is from 2017, but I'm pretty sure the program still exists (according to the website).

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Since my dad doesn't really drink, once I found out about this program (basically because I saw a long queue and checked it out), I kind of sort of made him get in line all the time (and also his cost sensibility kicked in).

You basically just write your name and email address (I don't think they send anything to you or even really check if it's a real address) down on a clipboard and say that you're not going to consume alcohol at the game. You become the "designated driver" and get a nifty wristband. Then, you also get a voucher like the one pictured above that entitles you to a free soft drink every game.

There's no age limit really. Most of the time the majority of the people who were queuing were actually children...as in younger than 16 and who definitely did NOT have a driver's license. So, you can also have your kids sign up, too.

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