[Minneapolis - Target Field] Townball Tavern - Nachos, Juicy Lucy Burgers, Beer

Since Minneapolis is the home of the Juicy Lucy (Jucy Lucy), it's only fitting that the Twins ballpark (Target Field) has a Juicy Lucy on its menu.

This is a full-service restaurant inside Target Field. Check out my other Target Field posts here to prepare for your next Twins game.

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We got the "Give 'em the Heater Nachos" and the "The Big Cheese Juicy Lucy Burger." For the uninitiated, a Juicy Lucy is a stuffed burger - stuffed with cheddar cheese. The fabled Ju(i)cy Lucy from Matt's Bar or the 5-8 Club is served SUPER hot, so when you bit into it molten, liquid cheddar cheese comes out of the center.

This is the Juicy Lucy from Townball Tavern at Target Field. It is served with a pickle spear and shoestring french fries. Unlike the OG Ju(i)cy Lucy burgers, the one at Target Field is topped with lettuce and tomatoes.

Since we were sharing, we cut the burger in half. Honestly, it's probably cleaner to cut the burger in half, but that's probably cheating.

This was actually a pretty good burger and, since it came with fries, it was actually kind of a good price for the ballpark, at a full-service restaurant.

These are the nachos. The chips are topped with homemade guacamole and chili, along with a ton of different veggies, sour cream, and cheese sauce (not the gross pump cheese). The chips are warm and crispy. If you eat it fast enough, none of the chips are soggy, which is a good thing...because that means they make the nachos to-order.

Also, gotta get a Minnesota (St. Paul) craft beer. This is the Summit Saga IPA.

This is the full menu:

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