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[K-beauty] MEDIHEAL Mogong Tox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask

Online shopping is a dangerous thing, sometimes you buy random products...just as I did when I bought this Mogong Tox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask from MEDIHEAL.

I really like Mediheal sheet masks because they're the perfect fit and are kind of thicker than your average sheet mask from a road shop. I usually get the blue box one and I just realized I forgot to stock up on them when I was in Korea. Luckily, Amazon has a ton available (click here) at a reasonable even the same price as I might have been able to find them in Korea.

I was always tempted by those bubbling know, the pig one (this one), but I was always kind of disgusted by the thought of a multiuse container of it. It's going to get dirt in there when you open the lid...and like be exposed to air etc.

Anyway, so in a late night online shopping binge, when I usually just scroll and scroll and scroll without buying anything other than chips, I actually bought them.

I'd like to point out that these aren't a FULL face sheet mask. There's no part for your forehead. In my sleepy state, I missed that part, so I was a little confused the first time I used it.

I really do actually like these masks!

At first, it was a weird sensation, but I really do think that the bubbles are helping to dislodge some dirt built up in my pores. I usually use them once a month(?), maybe further in between if it's not a very pollution-y month or if I haven't noticed my pores getting really clogged. It's still a semi-luxury afterall.

It is a foamy cleanser though, so make sure you wash off thoroughly afterwards. Whereas some of my other masks are just for relaxation purposes, I'm looking at you InnisFree (see my previous post), while I really, really like the smell and the feel of them, I'm not sure they do anything other than relax me and make me feel happy.

I have repurchased and now that I discovered a way to buy them SUPER cheaply while I'm back in the USA, I will definitely continue to repurchase them.

*FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the links provided and make a purchase.*


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