[K-beauty] Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Sheet Masks Product Review

Innisfree is one of my favorite Korean beauty/skincare road shops and I have tried many a sheet maske from Innisfree.

I haven't had any issues with their products making my skin break out or anything.
I've been meaning to write this post for some time now, but kept forgetting to do it.

The Innisfree brand is kind of known for using natural components. It was first on the market and known as this "eco" brand and was Korea's first "natural" brand.

It uses water and other natural components from Jeju island. If you go to Jeju island and love k-beauty, check out the Innisfree Jeju House Green Cafe (post link)

Some of the products it's more known for are the green tea products, volcanic clay masks, etc.
Check out the volcanic clay products here and the green tea products here. I am also partial to the Perfect 9 line of anti-ageing products (my previous post about that product is here).

Anyway, on to the sheet masks. I have kind of a tall forehead, so it's often difficult for me to find sheet masks that fit my face. The Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks fit my face, it's actually even a bit big for me. I can't really use the Etude House masks because the forehead part is too short.

I am quite skeptical about whether sheet masks actually do what they say they do...but I do like using a few a week just for some relaxation time.

I do like the Innisfree line because the essence in the sheets smell quite fresh and not that chemically. I brought some when I visited my friends and they all commented on how yummy the masks smell and how it smells like real fruit. Make sure you are following the directions though. If you leave it on too long, it does have a tendency to dry out your skin.

What do you think? Do you think sheet masks actually work? Maybe I just haven't found the right brand yet for my skin.

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