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[Boston] Wagamama - Ramen and other Japan-inspired food

Wagamama is a UK-based Japanese food spot with ramen along with donburi. We stopped off at the location in Boston.

We started off with an order of steamed gyoza. They were fine, but nothing super special or standout in any way. They were slightly on the cooler side than I'd prefer, but weren't too cold. They did bring them out quickly, like almost a little suspiciously quickly.

This is the Pad Thai. Not sure why someone ordered Pad Thai at a Japanese place, but this was actually one of the better dishes. It wasn't too sweet and the ingredients all seemed pretty fresh. It's topped with cilantro, but I'm sure you can ask them to remove it if you don't like it. The noodles were a little soft for my preference (in the bite I stole), I kind of tend to like my noodles with a bit of a bite still.
This is the namesake Wagamama Ramen. I would say this wasn't the worst ramen I've had, but it was definitely not the best, the best still stands with Watanabe Ramen in Tokyo (post here). The ingredients were nice and fresh and I could tell they made it to order, but the broth was just a little off for my tastes. It wasn't rich enough for me, especially given the price point. The egg was also a looks massacred.
This is the Chicken Teriyaki Donburi (rice bowl). I did appreciate they had rice bowls on the menu since it gives people the option if they answer "rice" to the age-old question of "rice or noodles." The ingredients were fresh, but the rice was a little dry, but wet at the same time. The flavor was good, though.
I did appreciate that they serve complimentary hot tea because it's usually an extra charge, but my guess is the "cost" is built into the price of the ramen, etc. (I am aware that the cost of tea is probably less than $1).

Verdict: There's plenty of other ramen restaurants that make it better. At this price, you should just go to Ippudo! It'll taste better.

This is the full menu.

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