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[Boston] Happy Lemon - Cheese Tea

Happy Lemon is in Boston!

According to the internet, cheese tea is the next "big thing." It's been around in Asia for a long while, though, so I'm sure a lot of you are already "in the know."

Happy Lemon is a really consistent place to go in Taiwan for some bubble tea (and cheese tea). I wrote about the location in Gangnam previously, but on my trip last week, I saw that the Gangnam location has closed (post has been updated accordingly).

This is the location in Boston. What I do like about Happy Lemon, apart from the salted cheese topping, is that there are a lot of fruity options.

I got the Green Tea with Salted Cheese and the Grapefruit Green Tea. Compared with the prices in Asia, this is really expensive. I haven't been to the NYC location yet to compare the price, but maybe it's about comparable.

As always, I got my drink with less sugar and less ice. As always, the salted cheese is a good choice. It brings out the tea flavor and, even though I got less sugar, it complements the slightly sweet flavor really well. In retrospect, I kind of wish I tried the tiramisu salted cheese topping because it's one of the newer fad things in Asia (as in, within the past 1.5 years), but I missed out on that, I guess.

The grapefruit green tea is usually my go-to drink...anywhere, if it's too late for me to drink black tea, see this Gongcha post for reference. I actually like it at Happy Lemon a lot because it seems like it's really made with real fruit since there's sometimes little pulpy pieces in it. Maybe it's just an illusion? I don't know.

Here's the full menu for your information!

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