[Snack Attack - Korea] Iseul Tok Tok Peach - Soju Soda 이슬톡톡

The Iseul Tok Tok Peach Soju Soda is the OG soju soda, a perfect option for fruity alcohol lovers or for people with a low alcohol tolerance.

This was such a smart business idea! They were trying to reach all market segments, so Korean soju companies introduced a fruity soju soda after the success of the flavored sojus a few years ago.

This was one of the originals. Even though I wrote about this other brand (link to post) a few years back, I tried 이슬톡톡 first (just didn't take a picture of it).

If you want a soju soda, Iseum Tok Tok is usually the brand you can find at chicken restaurants or Korean barbecue restaurants. So, you should maybe pick one up and try it first!

I got mine at CU, but you can easily find it at any convenience store or grocery store. You can actually find it in multipacks in most markets.

There are actually multiple flavors, but, I believe this was the first flavor that was introduced. I have also tried the pineapple flavor.

I personally prefer the peach flavor. The pineapple tastes like the white tart candies you can buy sometimes at the bulk candy stores...like the ones that come in Lego block shape or the bone shapes...these candies, for reference (Amazon link).

Sometimes artificial peach flavor tastes like air freshener to me or too chemically. The peach flavor, however, is actually quite pleasant. It's light and fruity and sweet, but not like super sticky sweet. It kind of tastes like the peach ring gummies, but less sugary.

The alcohol content is 3.0%, so it's nice and light in that respect too. It's kind of a perfect picnic drink for if you are going to the Han River to check out the Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge, for example link to post here.

Overall, I prefer Iseul Tok Tok to the other brand I tried before 부라더

Have you tried soju soda before? Which is your favorite brand/flavor?

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