[Snack Attack - Japan] Bake Green Tea Chocolates by Morinaga

I tried the Mironaga Bake Matcha Flavor Chocolates on one of my recent trips to Japan.

I was kind of obsessed with Matcha on one of my trips to Japan, so I kind of bought a ton of products I've never tried before (these aren't included in my typical Japanese souvenirs) (POST HERE).

I saw a post about the KitKat bakes, but since I lived in Korea, I didn't have access to an oven (I was lazy and never got around to actually buying an oven...it was on my to buy list for like 2+ years).

So, when I saw these in the grocery store, I was SO excited to try them out.

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from the candies, but my Japanese friend said she likes them and was surprised I had never tried them before.

You get 10 pieces per pack. This is what they looked like when I opened them. I guess I could have arranged them nicely, but, in the moment I wasn't thinking about how the picture would look. This is more...authentic, right?

I was kind of surprised pleasantly that they kind of survived well. They wren't too broken even though they traveled internationally.

The picture on the packaging is actually quite accurate, in my opinion.

These were really delicious! They weren't chocolate flavored, but had the consistency of chocolate...if that makes sense. It's nice and smooth and has a soft texture. The matcha flavor is very strong, so it made it quite savory and mellow, but it was balanced well with a milky semi-sweet flavor, too.

I would definitely recommend trying these out sometime if you find them in your local Japanese store!

I was able to find a couple of varieties on Amazon. It's quite expensive on Amazon, so I would recommend only checking out the flavors they have and then waiting and searching elsewhere for them: Amazon affiliate link

If you know where to find them, please leave a comment below. I need my fix.

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