[Seoul - Jamsil] Uncles Blooming Squid Ttueokbokki Revisit Again (Lotte World)

Whenever I have visitors...or, just, basically every 3 months, visitors or not, I revisit Uncles for my blooming squid ddukbokki fix.

As in my previous post, we went to the location in Lotte World, by the back entrance of Lotte World.

It's just more convenient for us than going all the way to Hongdae or Sinchon or Anguk. (We've eaten at all of those locations, too.)

We just went with our usual...the blooming squid with level 2 spicy ddukbokki.

This was a new menu item since my previous post. This one is the spicy fire chicken feet in the dry ddukbokki (not the soupy one I usually order). It seems interesting, especially since I really like eating the fire noodles (Amazon affiliate link).

There are also some new "step 3" menu items since I posted last!

We ordered the modeum twigim (fried foods)
You can also just order the fried seaweed roll (filled with sweet potato noodles) for 1500...which I kind of recommend since it's my favorite fried food.
You can also order sae oo twigim (fried shrimp) for 5500.
As before, you can order the rice ball with roe for 2500 (nal chi all joo mok bap)
You can also order the fish cake on skewers in soup for 4000 jik eun kkochi o mook. There's also a fish cake on skewers in udong for 6000 KRW.

Uncles also now serves alcohol:
Cloud (bottle): 4000
Stella Artois: 6000
Soju: 3500
Cider/Cola: 2000
Coolpis (pronounced kind of like Cool Peace):  2000 (This is a soft drink that is really sweet and is usually consumed with spicy food to cool down the spice)

Since they now serve Stella, you can also order a set menu (I'm not sure if this is a limited time set, so sorry if it's no longer available"
Set 1: 2-person soup-style ddukbokki set, Fried Squid/Samgyupsal Pork Belly/Dalgyak Twigim (fried egg) + 2 glasses of Stella (30,000KRW)
Set 2: 2-person soup-style ddukbokki set + buffalo wing/fried egg + 2 glasses of Stella (31,000KRW)
Set 3: 2-person dry-style ddukbokki set + steak cubes/fried shrimp/fried egg + 2 glasses of stella (36,000KRW)

After examining the menu, however, we decided to add the fried twigim. just one order. 

It came with 3 triangle mandu dumplings, 1 fried yakimandu, 1 king-size mandu, and one seaweed roll. We definitely bit off more than we could chew with this order, but it was so worth it flavor-wise.

As per usual, this was our level 2 spicy ddukbokki with the blooming fried squid on top.

It was spicy, as usual. And, yes, our noses did sweat because they were running a bit of a quick jog.

This particular location does a great job frying the food without it being too greasy. The batter is always light and crispy, not too thick, so it's never not cooked all the way through or soggy.

It's great.

If you can handle the spicy fire chicken noodle ramyun (Amazon affiliate link for reference), and eating it is a pleasant experience for you, I'd definitely recommend trying out the level 2 spicy before venturing onto the spicier levels.

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