[Seoul - Coex] Cherry Blossom Tour at Bongeunsa Temple

The first place for cherry blossoms and a view in Seoul that I wanted to introduce is Bongeunsa Temple near Coex.

It's that time of year again, cherry blossom season in Seoul.

I thought I'd write about some places that are a little more off the beaten path (not Yeouido or Sokcheon Lake by Lotte World).

This is one of the more famous temples south of the river. It's nestled right in this crazy urban setting as you can see from the first picture.

Not that many people flock to Bongeunsa in the spring to view the blooming trees. It's still busy, but not crazy busy like at Yeouido or Sokchon Hosu.

I don't really have that much more to write and since pictures are worth a thousand words, check out some of the unedited shots I took last year.

It's a great time to visit temples, too. All the temples have started to get ready for Buddha's birthday by putting up the lanterns. It's definitely a festive time to visit just to see the beautiful colors.

We walked from Coex, where we were shopping, to Bongeunsa. To get to Coex, you stop at Samseong Station (Line 2). There's also Bongeunsa station (line 9) if you don't want to walk quite as far (it's only a difference of maybe 400 meters).

I kind of forgot about this because I wasn't ever really into Gangnam Style. But, if you are, there's a tribute to Psy's 2012 song right outside Coex. (There's also the Gangnam Style Stage outside exit 11/12.)

Magnolia trees are also in bloom at this time of year. It's a crazy terrible time for seasonal allergies (esp if this coincides with the yellow dust combined with the urban air pollution).

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