[NYC - KTown] Grace Street Re-visit WITH Rose Milk Tea

Time for some Rose Milk Tea at Grace Street, a great cafe in Ktown NYC!

Grace Street is really one of the only decent cafes in NYC Ktown, so I kind of go here a lot.

I was really obsessed with flower cafes for a while, as you may remember. I was also obsessed with rose-flavored beverages a LONGGGGGG time ago (if you followed my blog from the very very beginning).

Anyway, I was back on my flower-flavored drinks kick when I visited Grace Street. I was really happy when I saw this rose milk tea on the Grace Street menu (see the previous post for the full menu).
I wasn't sure how it was made when I ordered it, but I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. It's really fragrant, but doesn't taste too fake. Sometimes some cafes add too much rose flavor and it tastes like you're eating lotion.

It was not a super subtle rose flavor either. It was a happy medium. You could definitely tell the rose was there, but you could still taste the milk tea flavor, too. It was really refreshing and not too heavy.

The one thing I was not super happy about was the amount of ice they put in it. I usually like to ask for no ice, but I forgot this time. It's a TON of ice and they're HUGE cubes. If you're a sipper, I would say that the flavor would get REALLY watery quickly, so it wouldn't be too enjoyable for you.

I would say this is a pretty good accompaniment with The OG bingsu from the previous post. It's nice and sweet and floral, so it really complements the lightly sweet, savory, and mellow nutty flavor of the black sesame bingsu.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Rose Milk Tea.

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